18th century French opalescent seed bead. 10 gram bag. Size 11. b17-043



18th century French opalescent seed beads. A very opalescent light grape tinged with a hint of magenta. 1.3mm. x 2.25mm. 20 beads/inch. Approx. size 11. 10 gram bag. We feel so fortunate to have come across these amazing beads. We have 8 antique spools in various beautiful colors. The spools are of iron, wood or of a type of press board with the spool company “Chauny-Perigeueux” embossed on the spool. The person who discovered these spools was told the following: These beads came from a very old French glass house of Salvatore. Originally in located in Venice, we were told that famiglia Salvatore moved its glass house to France in the 11th century. Up through the end of the 18th century these beads were produced and then stored in large canvas bags. In the 19th century they were strung on fine wire and wound on the spools we have today. The beads were made for costume and textile decoration for royalty and gentry. They were originally used to decorate court gowns and costumes for weddings, baptisms, balls, coronations. The company closed early in the 20th century and we have been told that the remaining beads are just being distributed for the first time.